Finding new business in Palm Beach County


SEO Palm Beach Tips and Strategies

Your business’ next new clients might be as close as your laptop. You’ve no doubt heard of something called the Internet, you are reading this blog on it right now. It is a place to find things to read, to be entertained, to connect with other people and importantly, it is a place to transact business.

No matter what business you are in, people are searching online for the goods and services that you provide. The quantity of people looking changes from month to month, location to location, but it is a quantifiable number that you can use to gauge how popular your particular products are in a particular location.

Take south Florida for example. There are searches for snowblowers in South Florida, but not as many as in Minnesota. (Maybe snowbirds doing research for their northern home.) You can use that kind of information to determine if adding a new product line or service specialty to your business makes sense. If people are looking for it online, there’s a good chance that they are potential customers. In years past, you had to take a guess as to how much demand there was, now the stats are right in front of you. It sure takes some of the risk out of extending yourself into other specialty areas. If no one is looking for dentists, then open your dental practice elsewhere.

Once you do decide on a business to go into, then you will want to build a website and then make sure the website is found by search engines, then found by potential customers. That’s what a SEO expert does, and you will definitely need one to be able to succeed in getting all the business you can from the Internet. SEO helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams in the new millenium.

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Chicago Marketing Company Perfects SEO for area companies


There are a great many online marketing companies from which you can choose your provider. How do you know which one is best for your company? Take a look at these telltale signs that the SEO company you are considering may be selling you a bill of goods.

1. Package pricing
Companies that use a one or two-size-fits all strategy want to streamline their processes so that they can do the least amount of work for the most profit. Every business is different. You won’t get optimal service and performance when working with this type of SEO structure. Your sites needs require a solution that is designed for your business.

2. Guaranteed rankings

No one can predict Google; therefore it is not possible to guarantee rankings. However, since rankings are what you are paying for, there are other ways to ensure that your objectives are met. Some companies will bill you for a set amount of time, and then if rankings are not met, will work for free until they are. This seems more reasonable to us as you know how much their efforts will cost you and you can determine a ROI for your site. A good SEO will know about how long it will take to achieve results based on their experience and competitive analysis.

3. Phantom workers

If you do not know who is working on your site, then it has probably been outsourced. You should be able to directly communicate with the person or persons who are writing the copy, producing the links, optimizing the pages, etc. They know your site best.

4. The Black Box

If a company will not tell you what they are going to be doing to rank your site, then buyer beware. Sure, some methods are proprietary but they all fall into links, content, structure, social and optimizing. Any other mumbo jumbo is a red flag. Your SEO company should be able to tell you what activities they are doing to earn your rankings – at least in these general terms.

Truck Accidents in Illinois


The most recent statistics for Illinois truck accidents are sobering.  In Illinois in 2011, there wereChicago truck accident attorneys 10,496 accidents involving semi trucks and 7,036 accidents involving commercial trucks.  Combined, there were 2978 injuries and 119 fatalities.  The very size of commercial trucks and semis relative to the passenger car means that these larger vehicles can exert much more force in an accident than an accident between two cars.  The impact is frequently catastrophic.

These statistics show that:

  • There are 48 truck accidents every single day in Illinois- 2 every hour
  • 8 people are seriously injured every day of the year in Illinois truck accidents
  • Two people are killed as a result of truck accidents every week in the state of Illinois

The types of injuries that can occur from trucking accidents include the following:

  • wrongful death
  • spinal cord injuries
  • crushing injuries
  • brain injuries
  • burns
  • broken bones
  • head and neck injuries

If a loved one has suffered loss of life or you or a family member have suffered a personal injury from  a trucking accidents, please do not hesitate to contact us today.  You will want the very best representation to get you the justice that you deserve for your injury and loss.  Commercial truck accident cases are usually complex and require an in-depth knowledge of trucking regulations to prosecute successfully.  Together we can seek a financial compensation figure that meets your needs as a victim and can continue to provide for you and your family long after this ordeal is over.  Call us today at (312) 818-5330.

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